Questions and Answers in General Topology


Instructions to Contributors

Contributions, which should be in English, can be submitted to one of the following managing editors.

The editorial office strongly encourages to submit a paper electronically by attaching the pdf and text files of the submitting paper to an email message. The paper should be preferred by LaTeX. Notice that the authors do not use any individual macros. The information in the body of the email message should include the authors' full names, the full title of the paper. The authors should keep a hard copy of the submitted paper for the safety. If the author can not submit electronically, two duplicate copies together with the original manuscript are necessary, and the author should keep a complete copy.

No page charge is made. Each author of the accepted paper will get a pdf file of his paper free of charge, and reprints can be obtained at his cost.

  1. 'Q&A' is divided into two parts, Part Q (Questions) and Part A (Answers).
    1. Papers to be submitted to Part Q should contain open questions (question), enough backgrounds of the proposed questions and reasonable references to help readers who might work on the questions. However, the questions themselves need not be new. Because an aim of this journal is to give publicity to questions that were proposed before somewhere else, without attracting much attention, while it welcomes presentation of new questions as well.
    2. Papers submitted to Part A should contain answers (answer) to questions (question) that were proposed before in 'Q&A' or elsewhere. The results must be new, and the answers should be accompanied by proofs. However, in some instances, proofs may be merely outlined, and details may be published elsewhere.
    3. Submitted papers will be refereed for their merit.
  2. Manuscripts should be initiated with a title and author's name, and contain the mailing (postal) address as well as the email address. The manuscripts should also contain a short abstract, a list of keywords and phrases and the AMS Mathematics Subject Classification. 'References' should be listed alphabetically and the manuscripts should be written following the style of papers in the recent 'Q & A'.
  3. The contributor is encouraged to make it clear in the first page of his paper whether he intends to publish the contents of his paper in a more detailed form elsewhere or not.

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Questions and Answers in General Topology

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